Advertising Options

Socials & Newsletter

Posts across all of our social channels (Includes IG/FB story with swipe up to website)

(Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter – 180,000+ local followers) $250 Pay Here

Organic Instagram Reel and TikTok video posts shared across all of our socials including Youtube (videos will stay up permanently). $350 Pay Here

Small Business or Restaurant feature on Newsletter $100 Pay Here

Host a giveaway on our page to gain followers and attention (giveaway amount must be ≥ $100 in value) $250 Pay Here

Instagram & Facebook story with your website link $75 Pay Here


Instagram & Facebook – weekly Thursday post and story (2 weeks inclusion on both) with application/information link (stays pinned in IG highlights for 30 days)

Newsletter – Inclusion on our weekly newsletter (2 weeks inclusion) in the jobs section 

Website – Listing on for 90 days 

LinkedIn – Job inclusion on our weekly post (2 weeks inclusion)

Bundle: (Can list multiple positions for same company with all deliverables above) $100 Pay Here


Home for Sale (IG/FB): Story with link to listing (Every Wednesday, stays in Instagram highlights under homes for 30 days) $50 Pay Here

Home of the Week (IG/FB): Full Post and Story (Every Wednesday) $250 Pay Here

Home for Sale (Newsletter) Inclusion of description and link to your listing $50 Pay Here

Home for Sale (Newsletter) Feature with image, description, and link to your listing $100 Pay Here


Event Listing on for 60 days (will also add the event to our Monday morning weekly event stories on IG the week of your event & will be pinned in our upcoming events highlights for up to 60 days) $100 Pay Here

Bundle Discounts for Maximum Exposure:


Post across all socials with our own images with IG/FB story swipe up (includes Reel and TikTok), Spot on food reviews section on website forever, Newsletter restaurant highlight, Opportunity to end up in top guides we publish on website and Instagram.

Bundle Deal: $400 Pay Here

Small Businesses:

Post across all socials, small business IG highlight stays pinned 30 days, Spot on small business section on website forever, newsletter small business highlight. Opportunity to end up in variety of posts and recommendations we do throughout the year about small businesses.

Bundle Deal: $400 Pay Here


Post across all socials, event listing on website for 30 days, Monday events story blast that stays pinned in IG highlights all week, newsletter event feature with image. Upcoming events highlight on IG and mark your calendar inclusion on newsletter.

Bundle Deal: $300 Pay Here

**We have customized monthly and yearly partnerships available! We also have partnered with ExploreCLT to offer bundle advertising between both of us to expand the reach and effectiveness for businesses! Please reach out to us if you are interested! **

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If you pay through this page, please reach out with the information you are wanting to advertise! For additional questions or collaborations, email us at OR call (704) 386-8705. 

**Prices good through October 1, 2023. We also accept Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp if you don’t want to pay with card/bank with the links above. **