Advertising Options

Socials & Newsletter

$200: Posts across all of our social channels (Includes IG/FB story with swipe up to website)

(Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter – 125,000+ local followers)

$100: Small Business or Restaurant feature on Newsletter

$150: Host a giveaway on our page to gain followers and attention (giveaway amount must be ≥ $100 in value)

$100: Job Listing across IG/FB, Newsletter, Website, and Linkedin: IG/FB job openings story blast with swipe up (stays in IG highlights for 30 days), a place in our weekly newsletter jobs section, job listing on website for 30 days, and a spot on our weekly job post on LinkedIn.

$50: Instagram & Facebook story with a swipe up to your website link

$50: Home for sale: story with swipe up to listing (stays in Instagram highlights under homes for 30 days) $150 for the featured home. Home post and stories every Wednesday and Sunday!



$100: New Restaurant feature on and New Restaurant IG guide inclusion for 6 months

$100: Fun Kids Activities feature on and IG highlights for 6 months

$100: Small Business feature on and Small Business IG highlight

$100: Event Listing on for 30 days (will add the event to our Monday morning weekly event stories on IG the week of your event)

Free: Highlight on our Weekly Specials list, Happy Hour list, Kids Eat Free list, Artists
Gallery, Photographer Gallery.


Bundle Discounts for Maximum Exposure:

Restaurants: Post across all socials with our own images with IG/FB story swipe up, Spot on food reviews section on website forever, Newsletter restaurant highlight, Opportunity to end up in top guides we publish on website and Instagram, Access to use our photos/videos that we take w/credit.

Bundle Deal: $300 (normally $400)

Small Businesses: Post across all socials, small business IG highlight stays pinned 30 days, Spot on small business section on website forever, newsletter small business highlight. Opportunity to end up in variety of posts and recommendations we do throughout the year about small businesses, Access to use our photos/videos that we take w/credit.

Bundle Deal: $300 (normally $400)

Events: Post across all socials, event listing on website for 30 days, Monday events story blast that stays pinned in IG highlights all week, newsletter event feature with image.

Bundle Deal: $250 (normally $350)


Quarterly Partner – $1,200 

Your business’s logo on the #CLTGuide section on our website for 90 days.

3 posts across all our social channels (spaced 3 weeks apart)

One story a week on Instagram featuring anything new that you might have going on.

Logo in newsletter each week of the month under our partners section.

Your event(s) highlighted on our events section on website and keep it up for 30 days.

Two small/local business features on our newsletter.


Yearly Partner (12 months) – $9,000 

Your business’s logo on our website for one year under #CLTGuide section leading to your website or review post.
12 posts (1 month) across our social channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) – Quarterly Tiktok.

Up to one story a week on Instagram/Facebook with swipe up feature.

Logo in newsletter each week of the year.

Your events listed on our website.

A small business feature on our newsletter quarterly.

Your Job listings on website, IG highlights, and LinkedIn.

Our goal is to maximize exposure as much as possible for our yearly partners!

Payment is split into 12 equal payments monthly of $750

(*Max of 8 yearly partners)


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