If you love ice cream, dessert or you just have a sweet tooth, SWIRL is the perfect place for you!!

This unique shop, sometimes coined a “test-bakery”, showcases completely customizable ice cream! Swirl believes there is no limit to what you can create and that includes how many toppings and mix-ins you want!

They offer their ice cream in a variety of fun ways – Swirl which is ice cream blended in a cup, classic Scoops in a cup, Shakes and the Squish which is ice cream between two cookies. You can choose between vanilla or chocolate ice cream and then add in ALL the toppings your heart desires. They also have Fan Favorites to choose from!

We tried

The Duke Swirl – cookie dough, brownie bites and caramel sauce blended with chocolate ice cream in a cup.

The Birthday Squish – rainbow sprinkle cake with sprinkles and added chocolate chips between M&M cookies.

1640 Oakhurst Commons Dr #103