Toy Mania

Looking for fun activities, incentives, or bribes (if we’re being honest) for your kids while they are at home? Look no further! Toy Mania, Charlotte’s #1 Specialty Toy Store, has you covered with everything including active outdoor toys, art supplies, educational workbooks, board games, puzzles, dress up clothing, dolls, remote controlled cars, stuffed animals, books and much more!

They also have really cool grab bags you can purchase for a variety of surprise toys which is what we did!

To purchase:

Call the store at 704-910-2001

Tell them your child’s age, gender and any favorite toys they may currently have.

One of their awesome employees will do all the shopping for you!

Then they will bring the items directly to your car

FREE delivery within 5 miles for orders over $50

Grab bags range from $40-$60

Cotswold Village Shopping Center

242 S Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC 28211


Mon – Sat, 9 am to 8 pm

Sunday, Noon to 6