Bear Smoke BBQ

Where’s all my grill masters?

Each of you need Bear Smoke BBQ sauces and seasoning in your cabinets!

Each Sauce is hand crafted in small batches with the highest quality ingredients and ALL their sauces are made in North Carolina.

What we ordered:

Bear Smoke BBQ Sampler Packs:

5 (16 oz) bottles of BBQ Sauces for $37.99

4 (40z) Bottles of BBQ Rubs and Bear Blend Seasoning for $25.99

What you will get in your Sauce Sampler:

Recipe No. 1 – Everyday BBQ Sauce

Recipe No. 2 – Cam Cam Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Recipe No. 3 – Swine Sauce (Vinegar Style BBQ Sauce)

Recipe No. 4 – Sticky Sweet BBQ Sauce

Recipe No. 5 – S.C. Mustard Barbecue Sauce

Rub Sampler Includes:

BBQ Rub No.1 – Original BBQ

BBQ Rub No.2 – Angry Bear Hot BBQ

BBQ Rub No.3 – Sweet Honey BBQ

BBQ Rub No.4- Bear Blend Everyday Seasoning

These are the perfect rubs and sauces for grilling or cooking any meat! We enjoyed grilling chicken breasts, chicken wings and ribs while trying all out all our new sauces and seasonings. Such a wide variety of flavors from smokey to sweet to a little bit of heat! These variety packs allow for some awesome layering of flavors too!

I would highly recommend layering the Sweet Honey BBQ Rub with the Sticky Sweet Sauce for some finger licking good ribs!

Like a little heat? Use the Cam Cam Chipotle Sauce on your wings!

Wanna stay true to your southern roots? Gotta use the Mustard BBQ sauce for the perfect combination of sweet & savory.

Bear Smoke BBQ also offer full catering for parties or events.

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