If you want to experience delicious authentic Cuban food and feel like you’re in a true Cuban environment, you have to check out El Puro Cuban Restaurant

El Puro is a brand new Cuban restaurant, from the owners of Havana Carolina, that officially opened last Friday. This family run business is amazing, from the food to the music to the whole atmosphere!  

We got to eat some of their dishes and we were blown away by all the flavor! We tried lots of amazing food and our favorites were:
Las Bolas De La Venica – which is like a fried rice ball with pork and a sweet chili aioli  
Masitas De La Loma – fried pork chops with caramelized onions that truly melted in your mouth
Flan Kafe – sweet and sticky flan
& their mojitos are the best in Charlotte!

Whether you love Cuban food or you’re ready to love Cuban food, you need to visit El Puro – thank us later! They will also have live music of various genres each night!

Open Wednesday-Sunday
5033 South Blvd, Suite H