Carolina Pharmacy

Carolina Pharmacy is looking for team members who want to join their pharmacy family (“Pharmily”). They are locally owned and operated and cherish the values of a family unit. They strive to be the best in class for service and all their products. To apply, email your resume to 

Carolina Pharmacy is looking for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. 

Pharmacists –

Must be someone who can be a leader, delegate, and think outside the box. Ambition and willingness to be a team player is a must!

Graduated this year and are getting licensed in NC/SC

Have graduated in the past 3 years and are actively practicing in NC/SC

Dual NC and SC license is recommended

Pharmacy Technicians – 

They are looking for technicians who are state or nationally certified, with at least 3 years of previous retail pharmacy experience, who are eager to find a job they will love and realize they now have a career! Plenty of room for growth as you can go as far as your work ethic and mindset allow. 

Licensed in either or both NC/SC