Get Fit Foods

We strive to have more time to spend as a family which is why we wanted to give Get Fit Foods a try!

How it works:

pick up fresh meals for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner

preorder available

pop them directly in the microwave for 1.5 minutes and they are ready!

meals remain fresh for 5 days in the fridge

buy more, save more meal options available

Get Fit Foods recycles all their plastic. Bring back in 20 containers and get a free meal!

Who it’s perfect for:

busy schedules

looking for better work/life balance

looking for convenience

dieting: small meals are 250-350 calories per meal

making sure eating healthy becomes a lifestyle

terrible cooks

feeding picky eaters

wanting to eat a larger variety of foods

feeding people with food allergies or specific diet restrictions

We highly recommend:

BBQ braised beef mac and cheese: the smell of this dish after heated was mouth-watering. The bbq was tender and flavorful and the Mac and cheese was a treat!

Ginger glazed salmon with sweet potato mash and green beans: slightly sweet ginger glaze makes this salmon irresistible.

Beef chimichurri with sweet potato fries: The herby, garlicky, and tangy chimichurri sauce is so delicious over the tender beef. The sweet potatoes fries are sweet and the combo to this savory meal.

Delivery Now Available!

4 Locations:


4425 Park Rd. Suite #130


14825 Ballantyne Village Way Suite #175


1311 Pecan Ave.


1750 Camden Road Suite F