Modern Acupuncture

Have you tried acupuncture before?

Today was my first time at Modern Acupuncture in Blakeney however my husband was already a true believer of it’s healing capabilities.

Thinking about trying it yourself?

Modern Acupuncture offers your first session completely FREE (no gimmicks or catches). They also offer affordable & flexible plans!

Once comfortable in their Zen Lounge, your acupuncturist discusses your treatment place with you. I wanted to try cosmestic acupuncture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in addition to reducing the frequency of migraines and lowering my stress levels.

I have a major fear of needles so I was initially worried about being in pain but I could barely feel the stick and once the needles were in, you couldn’t feel a thing! 30 minutes of  relaxation in their zero gravity chair while listening to calming music was just what I needed to start my week off right!

Visit to schedule your first FREE session!

9882 Rea Rd Suite D

Can’t wait to return!