Orange Theory Fitness- Arboretum

Are you looking to get ahead of your New Years health and fitness resolution goals?

We have the perfect spot for you that has been by far the favorite workout place for my wife and I! Early this year we were looking to kickstart a healthier life and we both entered the New Years 2 month transformation challenge at Orange Theory Fitness. With 3 sessions a week and some better eating we both lost nearly 20 lbs in those 2 months. It was such a fun environment with friendly staff, trainers, and clients of all ages and fitness levels! We are still going there for workouts and still love it as much as the first day!

Led by a personal trainer, this hour-long HIIT class at Orange Theory Arboretum incorporates cardio, indoor rowers, weight training blocks, and floor exercises!

They use heart rate monitoring which you can see on their tv monitors (and on your treadmill screen). This allows you to push yourself to get in the higher Orange/Red heart rate zones to spike metabolism, boost energy, and help you transform your body!

There is a reason that Orange Theory is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. We promise that you will fall in love with OrangeTheory.

The best news is you can try your first class for free!

8038 Providence Road Suite 100