Fine & Fettle

Looking for an exceptional dining experience in the heart of South Park?

Let Fine & Fettle satisfy your tastebuds with amazing flavor combinations and with visually creative dishes.

New seasonal menu items added regularly for brunch, lunch and dinner. We highly recommend brunch but now this will be a top restaurant we recommend for dinner.

What we ordered and highly enjoyed:

Seasonal Spread was served with warm flatbread and included.
Pimento Cheese which was amazing cheesy goodness in every bite.
French Onion which was creamy and had large and flavorful caramelized onion slices.
Pickled Egg Salad which was our favorite of the 3! It had a unique zesty and refreshing flavor that it was hard not to eat by the spoonfuls.

Sliders – 3 juicy burgers with a bite of sweetness from the pickled green tomatoes. These will leave you craving to come back the very next day!

Fresh catch of the day which was a red fish. You can never go wrong with ordering this! The fish had a mild, sweet flavor that was cooked and seasoned to perfection!

Grilled Apples, with blue cheese crumbles and served over a beet and mint puree is a new menu item you will see soon! This side dish was full of flavor. Don’t forget about the one of a kind mocktails and craft cocktails like the Gold Digger.

Located in the Canopy South Park at 4905 Barclay Downs Drive & (704)552-1715

Date of Visit: October 16, 2020