Amateur Golfers from the Charlotte area who love tournament golf, playing great golf courses, and competing against players of their own skill level are joining the Amateur Players Tour, an elite Amateur Golf Tour. 

Players compete in golf tournaments at the local level in a season-long points race with players being divided into five divisions based upon their skill level to provide fun and fair competition.  Division champions will be crowned at each event, with the winners receiving a trophy and all prize pools paid out in VISA Gift Cards

APT members will have the opportunity to play some of the best courses Charlotte has to offer, while also having opportunities to play national majors at elite venues such as Big Cedar LodgeStreamsong ResortChambers Bay and Bandon Dunes.  Divisions are assigned based on Amateur Players Tour Tournament Index.  The APT observes the USGA Rules of Golf governing competition and amateur status.

For more information, check out their website