We can’t be more thrilled to introduce you to Chef Kyle Van Hess, who serves traditional Peruvian street food in a fast casual style. Enjoy authentic Peruvian plates, each full of amazing textures and flavors Panca! 

If you are new to Peruvian food, we highly recommend that you try these favorite dishes of ours:

Combinado Ceviche: This dish is the perfect shareable starter and have your taste buds thanking you! Served cold, marinated in fresh citrus juices and contains grouper, red onions, cilantro, sweet potato, choclo (Peruvian corn), cancha (toasted corn) then topped with calamari.

Another favorite is the Aji Limo which is the freshest flounder thinly sliced, sashimi style then coated in a lemon grass-ginger sauce that contains the perfect spiciness! You will also enjoy Peruvian corn, dried toasted corn, aji limo pepper, and local edible flowers in this dish.

This next dish made me go outside my comfort zone and I’m so glad I did! The Anticuchos skewers are a must try which is cow’s heart kebabs. The huacatay sauce definitely needs to be bottled up and sold!

I saved my favorite for last – Lomo Saltado! This is a stir-fry dish that combines marinated strips of beef tenderloin with onions and tomatoes then served with french fries and rice. Hands down the best comfort food!

Everything at Panca is made fresh to order except their juices and sangria that are made in house and infused for hours and so tasty

7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd., 10A-2 Charlotte, NC