AlxRox Inc (501c3 Nonprofit) is partnering with Devil’s Logic Brewing to host a city-wide charity Scavenger Hunt for a PS5

Participants visit, make a $15 donation, and get the initial Clue sent to their email. Participants will then solve/follow a series of clues which will lead to 4 secret locations in CLT. Along their journey they will collect 4 keys which will all combine to unlock a secret code.  With the secret code in-hand, participants will then race to be the first to locate and obtain a PS5 painted-rock (hidden somewhere in CLT)

Whoever can solve the clues fastest and be the first to find the PS5 painted-rock will bring the rock to Devil’s Logic on 8/27 (during the back-to-school supply drive event) and exchange it for a brand new PS5 console! 

Donations will benefit the Reproductive Rights Coalition – to donate and join the Scavenger Hunt go to:

  • August 1 - 27
  • Charity Scavenger Hunt
  • $15+